The Temple of Your Being

Mublinka holds a sacred space for wisdom, humor, introspection, sharing, venting, repairing, creating, and evolving. Enter the temple space with an empty mind and an open heart.

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Dwell in Silence

Listen to mublinka's call to deeper living. Seek only the silence of truth which dwells inside your own heart.

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Know What You Know

A wink to tap into the knowing that you know without knowing how you know. Celebrate the sheer beauty of existence, and the profoundly simple joy of being.

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No One Knows

No one on earth knows what any of this is. We can only point to it and describe it. If we can't ever truly know what life is, how can we possibly claim to know how to live it. We don't even have the perceived control we are taught to believe in, and if we look carefully enough it's undeniable.


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