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The story of mublinka

Mublinka holds a sacred space for wisdom, humor, introspection, sharing, venting, repairing, creating, and evolving. Listening to mublinka is listening to a call to a deeper kind of living. It is a wink to tap into the profound knowing that you know without knowing how you know. Mublinka celebrates the sheer beauty of existence, the crystalline intelligence of empty mind, and the profoundly simple joy of being.


Listening to mublinka isn't always so easy though, and there are dizzying numbers of people and sites out there screaming at you to listen to them instead. How can you find a true teaching, or an authentic guide to support you on this crazy journey we call life or existence? How do you know who or what to believe?

Mublinka is here to tell you that the only authority you should be listening to is always living inside your own heart. That's where your true wisdom lies, and that's what you need to learn to listen to and be guided by. Your own inner voice, that's what we call "mublinka." It's a word that has no actual meaning - totally made up to point to something that has no name. So often we are confused by all the spiritual terminology, and there are so so many names for it...Spirit, God, Goddess, One Self, The One, ancient wisdom, Gaia, Chi, Tao, Nature, universal energy, flow, non-dual awareness, enlightenment, Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, inner guide, higher's really infinite...the ways we refer to the unseen knowing in us all.

Meet the Team

Just being here now.



Founder & Creator

The original "Mub," Amy has spent her entire life answering the question, "wtf is all this?"

DCF 1.0


WIC ~ Warrior in Chief

Protecting us and inspiring us from beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Amy's 1st true soulmate.



CRO ~ Chief Ritual Officer

Responsible for routine perimeter checks and emotional support.



CDO ~ Chief Destruction Officer

Divine Mother of the Universe & Destroyer of Evil Forces

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